Workshops for Canon and Nikon

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So you have a new camera , but you don’t know how to get the best from all the settings. Then this course is just what you need.
Take a tour of all the functions of your camera with this workshop, and once you learn them , taking photo’s will be so much more fun.

The courses are available for the most popular camera from the 2 manufacturers

Sign up now and get a huge 42% of their usual prices.  their Usual price is $69, but for a limited time they are $39 which is extremely good value for what you get.

Click on this link to buy the course Canon & Nikon Camera Workshops

The courses can also be purchased as gifts for your friends and families.
(For gift purchases , They send you an email with a download link for the workshop. You can forward the email to the person you are giving it to so they can download the workshop.)

The workshop isn’t only an easy workshop to learn camera settings, it is comprehensive without being overwhelming. This workshop gives detailed explanations of HOW to change the settings with real-life photos of the camera ONE AT A TIME–No IKEA-like, black and white diagrams with arrows everywhere.  It goes further and explains WHY you would change the setting with photos demonstrating what happens before and after that change is made. The real-world examples of WHEN you would want to use a setting were what stayed with me when I was actually out shooting. They helped me remember the changes that may need to be made in different situations.

This workshop would have been incredibly helpful when I first purchased my camera. But I think it is exceptionally helpful for anyone at anytime who is becoming frustrated learning and remembering camera settings.”

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