Photo Magic

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Special effects photography made easy with this awesome guide.

In this eBook 11 specific special effects are broken down so you can re-create the scene yourself, then Neil will explore new options to kick start your photography creativity.

Zoom Effect


Add a dynamic zoom effect with a slow shutter speed, and learn a super charged variation using your flash.

360 Panorama


A spherical 360 degree panorama puts you there by showing the whole world from a particular viewpoint.

Aperture Masks


Create a romantic, magical or cool background for your night portraits with aperture masks.

Flour Hair Flick


Half a cup of flour, add three lights and flick hair vigorously for this dramatic action shot.

Light Painting Sparklers


Sparklers, a sci-fi schoolgirl and some really nifty colour and light tricks create this dynamic light painted photo.

Light Painting Steel Wool


Stars twinkling above and fire sparking below lights up the beach in a dramatic combination shot.

Little World


Starting with a panorama, create whole planets with this super distorted, super fun effect.

Mixing Ambient and Flash


Capture and freeze motion in the same shot for a striking effect by mixing flash and continuous light.

Multiple Exposures


If two are twice the fun, eleven clones are a party! This multiple exposure technique is a unique way to tell a story.

Star Trails


Capture the majesty of the night sky as it spins eternally overhead with this surprisingly accessible star trail technique.

Water Droplets


Natures little lenses create many images with this technique to get you started using water refraction in your photography.

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